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Treasure Tavern

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Treasure Tavern is an unrivaled one-of-a-kind dining experience! Cirque, burlesque, comedy magic, and delicious food come together for a night like no other.

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Step into an evening of extravagant amusement and exceptional dining with Treasure Tavern. Meet Madame Gretta the tavern's outlandish maven who escorts guests through a two hour show filled with excitement, fun and a four course dinner and find out why travelers, adventurers and explorers call this tavern the best place for entertainment, dining and rum!

Central Florida nights just got a little hotter thanks to Treasure Tavern! While most Orlando attractions work to deliver family fare, Treasure Tavern urges it’s guests to leave the kids at home and enjoy an evening that is custom created for grown-ups looking for naughty but good natured fun.

Madame Gretta the new tavern proprietor (she inherited the tavern under rather dubious circumstances) takes you on an evening of non-stop amusement featuring Rob, Grift and Lute a hilarious trio of pick pockets that have taken refuge in the Tavern, the beautiful “Jewels” as Greta calls them, beautiful dancing rum girls (Tiffany, Jade, Amber, Sapphire, Ruby and Opal) delightful but dangerous adornments and Jinx a rather “special” Jewel.

At heart Treasure Tavern is a classic, european style variety show featuring entertainment from around the world. A silent magician/ mime artist, a contortionist, a quick-change act from Russia and acrobats from Eastern Europe are just a few of the unusual and spectacular offerings that grace the stage.

The food service is certainly something you wont get to experience anywhere else in Central Florida! Each of the evenings upscale courses are delivered through lavish musical numbers performed by the dancing and singing “Jewels” who dance right up to the table in true cabaret style as they serve your meal.

The Jewels may be a staple at Treasure Tavern, but many of the other acts are slated to change depending on the season, giving guests a reason to come back time and time again. Locals, conventioneers and travelers will find this show to be an experience unlike any other.

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